What are Acai Bowls made of?

This is a new trend going around on social networks which is eating acai bowls as a healthy breakfast. This dish is so smooth and delicious that some people are eat it as a lunch or breakfast on regular basis. Acai berries are just like other berries such as Cranberries, strawberries or blueberries. The main origin of this fruit is from South America and North America. Their mostly dishes contain acai berries as a main element if you find fresh acai berries in United States then you’ll find yourself with no luck because mostly in United States the acai berries are in different forms like frozen, Puree or powdered form or you can always search for acai bowl near me and get the best one from different specialty coffee shops around you.

The shape is mostly like purple grapes. The acai berries have that purple dark shade and they just remind you of purple grapes but they doesn’t taste like purple grapes and the most important thing about acai berries that they are stone fruits. They contain a very big seed inside so you just can’t have it in one bite. The ratio of seed in acai berry is almost 80%. The taste of acai berry is very intense flavor full and Fruity.

There are so many places who offers acai bowls as meals and people love it this fact. It’s like a smoothie in a bowl but with different fresh fruits and different toppings. This bowl is served with different types of elements like granola seeds, peanut butter, nuts, almond milk etc. The bowl is served cold and presentable the The taste of acai berries are not that much tarty. The sugar level is very balanced so when you have it in a bowl of acai berries with different fruits. It will give you a very balanced taste. According to research an average acai bowl contains the elements of anti-oxidants Vitamin C and fiber and lots of nutrient fruits. By having an acai bowl it will give you a boost in energy confidence and it will fill up your belly really well. It is like a whole some meal of fruits when you have acai bowl with their different toppings. The Other fruits in this bowl enhances and increases the sugar level but if you notice only acai berries they are very low in sugar as compared to other fruits. You can have them once in a week and enjoy it because it is tasty, delicious and eye-catching.

By Mathew