Reasons to get a rejection for Canadian permanent resident

There are thousands of people who get rejections every year for a Canadian visa. There are several reasons for these rejections such as criminality act, health issues, missing relevant documents, missing deadlines, eligibility requirements, and misrepresentation. Canada offers different types of immigrations to the applicant, but the process is quite challenging. The office of Canada consultancy in Bangalore is the best place for this process.

Here we will discuss basic mistakes that cause rejections for applicants.

Misrepresentation of cases:

One of the major reasons for rejection is the misrepresentation of cases. If there is a misrepresentation of the case, the application will be refused. This could because of the inadmissible of the applicant. Therefore always be careful during preparing your application, here we are going to show the reasons for misrepresentation:

  • False documents
  • Did not mention about your family member
  • Fake job experience
  • False marriage information
  • Did not mention the refusal of a visa for another country

Health care:

The medical examination is compulsory for an applicant who applies for Canadian immigration. Doctors should be recognized under Citizenship and Immigration Canada. There could be many health issues that may cause of refusal such as

  • If he or she has a severe disease that may harmful to the Canadian public’s health.
  • Diabetic patients
  • If the Canadian government requires excessive health care or social service.

But this problem can be overcome if a specialist doctor provides a special report about the applicant’s health.

Criminal Activity:

If applicants have criminal records, it is impossible to get immigration for Canada. Before providing a visa, the Canadian government checks the criminal background of the applicant. So applicants with a criminal record may get help from best visa agents in chennai, they are good at handle these kinds of cases. This problem is also resolvable if a criminal offense is not serious.

Failure to attach important documents:

Another common mistake that most people do is the failure of the attachment of important documents. CIC always provide a clear list of required documents, they also issue tracking number to applicants. So there should not be any room for mistakes. It is all up to the applicant to complete these documents carefully and submit them to the right CIC office according to the tracking number. Failure to complete these documents may cause rejections.

By Mathew