Weighing Machine: A Useful Equipment

A weighing machine is also known as a weighing scale. It is a measuring device primarily used for determining the mass or weight of an object. These are very essential instruments, which enables you to measure the weight of an object in a very accurate manner. The first weighing equipment was introduced somewhere between 2400 to 1800 B.C.E. in the Indus River valley. Advanced electronic weighing devices were introduced around 1940s.

The outdated manual weighing machines are less effective than the advanced digital devices. The digital automatic equipment are loaded with several advanced features, such as automatic off system, automatic loading batteries, counting buttons and battery indicator. The advanced digital weighing machines produce more precise and accurate results as compared to outdated manual devices.

A weight measurement instrument has become important equipment in the present business scenario. These machines have several industrial and domestic applications. These devices are used in the health care industry, jewelry shops, dairies, offices and households. These equipment are used to weigh a wide range of objects, including human beings, domestic animals, cargo, freight and merchandise. Weighing machines are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, models, specifications and weight capabilities.

Here are few different types of weighing instruments: automatic weighing machine

Domestic Weighing Scales: These devices are widely used in households. They are commonly placed in bathrooms and kitchens. The flat platform scales kept in bathrooms are used to weigh human beings. The machines found in kitchens are used to weigh cooking items and food items, such as flour, rice, sugar, salt, milk, oil, vegetables and fruits. These machines enable you to know the accurate measurements of the things you purchase. Further, these floor level scales are used by farmers to determine the weight of the farm animals, such as goats, pigs, sheep, cows, buffaloes and other cattle.

Health Care Scales: Weighing scales are widely used in the health care industry. These instruments are used by physicians and dieticians to measure the weight of growing children and sick patients. The body weight of a person can be used to calculate BMI (Body Mass Index). The BMI of a person can help you to determine weather he or she is underweight or overweight. A weighing instrument can help you to keep a track of your weight loss journey.

Industrial Scales: The bench scales are used in a variety of industries to measure the small objects weighing only few grams and large objects weighing several pounds. These machines can measure the weight of the objects weighing between 150 grams and 600 pounds. Further, precision scales are used in laboratories and jewelry shops. They can weigh quantities as small as 0.001 grams. These devices are used to weigh chemicals, food items, liquids, diamonds, sapphire, jewelry and other valuable gemstones. Further, truck scales are used for measuring the weight of semi trucks and their contents. Luggage weighing machine are widely used in airports and railway stations to measure the weight of luggage of the passengers.


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