Types and Features of Tank Level Indicator

What is a tank level indicator? It is a device used for gauging and indicating the level of liquid present in a tank. These gauging devices have several applications and are known for being integral parts of food industries, fertilizer and chemical plants, oil depots and oil refineries. In other words, a tank level indicator can be used for measuring the level of fluids like edible oils, effluent and chemicals, corrosive liquids, highly viscous varnishes and oils and different types of liquid petroleum product. The device is designed in a way so that you can use it with cone roof tanks, floating roof tanks and underground tanks. Read through the sections below to get acquainted with the features and types of this equipment.

Features of a Tank Level Indicator level gauge manufacturers

When it comes to measuring the level of liquid in a tank, no other gauging equipment can offer results as accurate as a tank level indicator. To put it otherwise, it is the most reliable equipment you will get for measuring the level of fluids. The next reason behind the huge popularity of this measuring tool is its ability of working with analogue-to-digital converters (ADC), devices used for converting physical quantity to a digital number. These indicators can be used in combination with different kinds of float; each float type is meant for diverse applications. The next most notable quality of these units is that they are resistant to corrosion.

Types of Tank Level Indicator

Most stores selling measuring equipment will have two types of tank level indicator in their collection, a basic model and an advanced model. Read on to get familiar with their respective features.

• The basic model of these indicators comes equipped with a float and a vertical scale that possesses a pointer. Any change in the tank’s level results in movement of the float; the pointer, on the other hand, indicates the level of the tank on the vertical scale. This basic level equipment should be used only for measuring the level of liquid in small tanks. Their maximum range is 10 m and maximum process temperature is 200° Celsius.

• The advanced units usually offer higher accuracy and reliability than the basic units. You can use an advanced tank level indicator for measuring the level of liquid in large and medium-sized tanks. You can expect the device to offer most accurate results even when measuring the level of aggressive acids and other corrosive liquids. Reliable operation can also be expected when these advanced units are used for measuring levels of fluids with fumes. As these indicators are used mostly for gauging levels of aggressive fluids, one must not work with them if he or she is not trained for the job.



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