My Experience With the Sonos Home Audio System

I am a huge music enthusiast. I love to listen to music as much as I can throughout each and everyday. Most people only like one type of music, but I am the type of person that will listen to a different genre of music every day to suit the moods that I am in. Recently, I ran into the problem that I did not have a home audio system. How could such a music enthusiast not have a home music system in her house? I have everything else such as an iPod, and iPhone, a MacBook with a music library that is astronomical, but no speakers. Well, of course I had to find a solution to this problem. av services new york

After a long search of all of the wireless home audio systems that the market has to offer, I found the Sonos music system. I chose this system for multiple different reasons, but my favorite two things about this audio system is that (1) you can control all of your music in all different rooms through an iPhone app, and (2) you can play different music in different rooms, so you don’t have to have the same song playing in each room. The Sonos home audio system also lets you stream music wirelessly to your speakers straight from internet radio stations such as Pandora and iheartradio! I love Pandora because I can customize my radio stations and listen to songs that I actually like. So this means that my song choices are basically limitless. Not only can I listen to over 65,000 songs in my iTunes library, but I can also listen to Internet radio stations and talk shows from all over the world. Also, if my friends come over with their iPods, and they have songs that I don’t have, I can plug their iPods directly into my Sonos ZonePlayer and listen instantly. The Sonos system is remarkable.

The Sonos audio system had easy out of the box setup, which was great for me because I am not very technology savvy. The quality of the audio system is absolutely beautiful. The sound is crystal clear as if you were sitting in the recording room with each artist. In addition, if you can’t afford to buy multiple ZonePlayer speakers, the Sonos system is compatible with audio equipment that you already own. You simply just plug the ZonePlayer 90 or ZonePlayer 120 directly into your speakers, and then they become part of your wireless music network. I have had a great experience with my Sonos home audio system, and I know that you will too.


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