Starting a business in a free zone like Shams Free Zone in UAE has many advantages. There are plenty of services that you can hire to help you get started. These services can help you get a company visa and open corporate bank accounts. Office space is one of the highest costs when starting a business. Fortunately, you can find shared desk space for a fraction of the cost.

Business licenses

When you decide to business setup in shams, you need to know how much money you will need. Several different licensing options are available, but a business license will help you start and expand your business. A trade license will allow you to sell and transport goods within the region. A business license will also allow you to produce and distribute goods. In addition, you’ll need an industrial license if you’re going to manufacture goods.

It is located just five minutes away from the Sharjah international airport

There are many advantages to setting up a business in SHAMS. The city is located just five minutes away from the Sharjah international airport. It is a tax-free zone, meaning you cannot pay personal or corporate taxes and can repatriate profits. In addition, you can operate many types of businesses in SHAMS.

The free zone offers many business opportunities to entrepreneurs, including advertising, entertainment, and media. Approximately 120 different activities are permitted in Shams. The cost of a business license in Shams starts at AED 5,750 and can go higher depending on the type of business.

Cost of business setup in Shams

The cost of business setup in Shams is comparatively low compared to other business hubs in UAE. This is because of the low business license cost in this free zone. It has an excellent business environment that attracts investors from across the globe and is known for its cultural affiliations.

Obtaining a partner/investor license

Obtaining a partner/investor license is crucial in setting up a business in Shams. It enables foreign investors to register as limited liability companies in the Emirate and establish a base for their operations. They can set up a company and obtain licenses, open a business bank account, sponsor employees, and more. With the help of a consultant, the process can be simplified and completed within a matter of hours.

By Mathew