4 Reasons to Move Your Work From Home Business Into an Office

Why you should look for office space rather than work from home.

Working from home is often seen as ‘the dream’. Telecommuting, as it is sometimes known, is pitched as a great way to work. Surrounded by comfortable surroundings, no office politics, no stressful commute with huge traffic jams and no petrol costs – it is easy to see the attraction of setting up business working from home.

And it certainly has its benefits for those starting a company. I am currently going through the process of starting a recruitment company working from home and I am very much enamored by the cost savings… but as soon as the money starts coming in I shall be moving the home office out of the spare room and into a serviced office space.

But why? Surely with so many benefits it is better to work from home than it is to work from a office space?

Maybe, but too often the benefits of home working are sold to you whilst the downsides are, well, down-played. So here I am going to give you a chance to understand just what they are.

1. Professionalism.

One of the more obvious ones. If you have a client request to meet you at your ‘office’ it is unlikely that your front room/dining room/office area, no matter how smart, will give the right professional image that you are trying to convey. 오피

Working from an office, especially serviced offices, will provide you are far more professional business face to present to clients, both current and prospective.

2. Separating work from the rest of your life.

If you work from home it is far too easy to nip into the office (aka the spare room) to do just a little more. I am already finding that my work life is eating more and more into my personal life and anecdotes from other ‘work from home’ individuals I speak to say much the same thing.

If you are going to work from home successfully you need to be able to easily press the ‘stop button’ on your business brain… always difficult for anyone starting their own company. For those unable to separate, getting any sort of office space, even if using someone else’s garage (as a last resort, see point 1), should be seen as one of the first and most vital expenditures.

3. The value added services.

Starting a home business does save you money, but it doesn’t give you those ‘value added services’ that you get from office working. The onsite professionals to deal with server issues, phone lines and fax machines (the bane of my life).

The value of having a receptionist as part of your building fees shouldn’t be underestimated. They can help with useful things like call blocking or forwarding, meeting customers and providing an additional ‘professional face’ to your business.


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