4 Necessary Traits and Knowledge The Entrepreneur Must Possess

An entrepreneur must have a hybrid of skills to succeed and to successfully grow a business as well as sustain that growth. Businesses are living, breathing creatures and must be fed more and more revenue to survive.

The minute that the “Beast” witnesses prolonged famine, it shrinks then, within time, the entrepreneur gets tired and the company dies. To combat this potential failure, the business owner must become multifaceted – a chameleon of sorts.

With the aforementioned thoughts in mind, what traits must the entrepreneur gain to become successful and to properly lead a group?

The following is a good place to begin and where it ends, nobody has a clue: Steph Korey

1. The Successful Entrepreneur Must Have Thick Skin

Entrepreneurs need to have thick skin. From what I have noticed and lived through, some people will do and say very hate filled things out of spite, jealously or personal dislike.

It’s a sad fact and will happen. The entrepreneur must adapt, to be able to anticipate and combat rejection. To give you a good example, I was told by a reporter at CBS that she didn’t want to interview us because she didn’t engage in negative thought.

This was because I warned her that I wanted honest reporting. Needless to say, she was the pot calling the kettle black.

I have gotten hate mail from competing firms claiming that they know our secrets and other personal things.

While many would be intimidated or hurt by such correspondence, to the entrepreneur, the hate mail is complimentary while the rejection from the CBS woman is frustrating: not hurtful, but annoying.

Regarding the hate mail, this correspondence tells the entrepreneur that people are angry and frustrated with his or her existence on planet earth. The entrepreneur smiles.

2. He or She Must Have The Ability To Recruit Talented Individuals

When I began a recruiting firm, I did it because I thought it was something that I could do. I got the idea from a book when I was just a kid.

As an entrepreneur, I randomly hit the business building lottery. For any business, recruiting and knowing how to obtain talent is immensely hard and the inability to do so, or having consistent turnovers, kills a company.

Therefore, this is an advantage that I hold dear. The entrepreneur must bring the right talent onto his team. Otherwise, the business won’t stand out.

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